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Video previews help you find what you’re looking for even faster   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Now when you do a search on Google, you’ll get a preview of relevant videos directly in the results, so you have a better idea of what you’re about to watch before you tap.   (続きを読む)
Turn around, bright eyes… and experience the total solar eclipse with Google   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Whether you’re traveling to see the “totality,” catching a glimpse from another location, or simply curious, Google can help you learn more about Monday’s total solar eclipse.   (続きを読む)
A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
A new app as part of Documenting Hate site uses AI to make it easier for reporters to report on news about hate.   (続きを読む)
#teampixel, unique in every way.   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
See what makes #teampixel special in this week’s feature.   (続きを読む)
Meet the sixth graders who built a potable water dispenser   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Enrique Cordero designed a course at the American School of Puebla called “Solving the World’s Problems,” where he asks kids to identify pressing issues, and challenges them to think up solutions.   (続きを読む)
“Ok Google, tell me a joke”   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
What did one snowman say to the other?Do you smell carrots? It’s National Joke Day, and your cheesy, mostly funny Assistant has a few jokes up its sleeve. Here are a couple of our favorites:You: “Ok Google, tell me a joke.”Google Assistant: “One joke, coming up! What is a sea monster’s favorite snack? Ships and dip.” &#x1f6f3; Not your speed? What about…You: “Ok Google, tell me a joke.”Google A...   (続きを読む)
Get on the same page: new Google Docs features power team collaboration   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Introducing new updates to better help with "version control," so you can customize tools for your workflows and your team can better locate information when you need it.   (続きを読む)
Introducing free calls with your Assistant on Google Home   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Starting soon, you can make phone calls with your Assistant on Google Home?hands-free?in the US and Canada. Call anyone, it's easy to use and free.   (続きを読む)
All your questions answered on Google Maps and Search   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Ask questions about places you want to visit and answer questions about the places you know   (続きを読む)
Meet the fifth grader turning water bottles into light bulbs to brighten communities   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Believing that every community deserves access to commodities as basic as lighting, 12-year-old Bryan decided to turn his annual school science project into a mission to defeat darkness.   (続きを読む)
There’s no place like home, in Google Earth   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Step inside 22 traditional homes and learn about cultures around the world.   (続きを読む)
Achoo! Watch out for seasonal sniffles with pollen forecasts on Google   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Now when you search for pollen or allergy information on Google, you’ll see useful at-a-glance details on pollen levels in your area to help you better manage your seasonal allergies.   (続きを読む)
Around the Globe - Improved Operations for Girl Scouts Japan   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
highlighting nonprofit Girl Scouts of Japan who were able to make greater impact with fewer resources by using free Google tools, made available through Google for Nonprofits.   (続きを読む)
Chillax, it’s National Relaxation Day!   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Chill out in honor of National Relaxation Day with some of Google’s most calming tips and tricks.   (続きを読む)
Meet a teacher helping indigenous women in Mexico get online   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Miroslava Silva founded a technology class specifically for Otomí women at the University of Querétaro in Mexico.   (続きを読む)
Daydream brings you inside Vogue Supermodel Closets   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
In partnership with Condé Nast Entertainment and Vogue, we created a VR series to give you a peek into the closets of models and hear about the stories (and sentimental value) behind their favorite articles of clothing.   (続きを読む)
Code Jam 2017 wraps up with the World Finals in Dublin   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Code Jam 2017 wrapped up with an exciting two-day event for the World Finals in Dublin, Ireland. Competitors from across the globe battled their way to victory for Code Jam, and the Distributed track.   (続きを読む)
It must be nice to have Hamilton on your phone   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
The official app for HAMILTON is now available for all iOS and Android devices. We interviewed the team behind the app.   (続きを読む)
A Megamovie volunteer on snapping photos and contributing to science   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Megamovie volunteer Steven Madow talks to Keyword about volunteering for Megamovie and getting ready for the solar eclipse.   (続きを読む)
Type less, talk more   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We’re bringing voice typing (aka talking to your phone instead of typing) to 30 languages and locales around the world, covering more than a billion people.   (続きを読む)
Helping 4-H equip students with skills they’ll need for the future   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We’re supporting 4-H to lay the groundwork for more than 6 million students across the country to learn skills they’ll need to be prepared for their future.   (続きを読む)
#teampixel becomes one with nature   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Grab the bug spray and explore the world’s wide open spaces with #teampixel.   (続きを読む)
“A whole new world” of ideas at the Technovation Challenge   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
More than 11,000 girls entered the 2017 Technovation Challenge, which asks young women to code an app that solves a real-world challenge.   (続きを読む)
It all started with a party: the story behind today’s Hip Hop Doodle   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Hip Hop music and culture for the first time in Doodle history.   (続きを読む)
Exploring strategies to decarbonize electricity   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
The Google Research team built a tool that allows users to quickly see how different factors affect the future cost to generate electricity and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.   (続きを読む)
Daydream Summer Sale   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Starting today, you’ll be able to find some of our favorite Daydream apps up to 60% off. The sale runs from August 10th to August 17th.   (続きを読む)
From Uganda to Korea?teaching English, one chat at a time   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Find out how social enterprise Tella uses the internet and machine learning to empower Ugandan teachers to tutor Korean students.   (続きを読む)
Welcome to your first day of Classroom   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
This back to school season, we’re rolling out a new resource hub to help teachers get started on their first day of Google Classroom.   (続きを読む)
Your bookworm Assistant   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Get Wilde and re-Joyce on National Book Lovers day by going down the Plath less traveled with your Assistant. Stowe your books and get ready with these questions (we promise you’ll get Thoreau answers). Prepare your shelves: “Ok Google, add that new book about meditation to my shopping list.”There’s nothing like the smell of old books: Say “Ok Google, where’s the nearest library?” to your Assis...   (続きを読む)
8 tips to help you keep up in Google Keep   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Google Keep makes organizing information a cinch. You can easily jot down ideas or share to-dos with co-workers. We asked Mario Anima, product manager for Google Keep, to share some of his favorite Keep tips. This is what we learned.1. Record voice notes.For recording thoughts on the go, you can record voice memos within Google Keep on your Android or iOS device. Open up the Keep mobile app, cl...   (続きを読む)
Helping publishers bust annoying ads   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
In June we launched the Ad Experience Report to help publishers understand if their site has ads that violate the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards. These data trends can give publishers insights into the most common offending ads.   (続きを読む)
Eclipse Megamovie Volunteer Wrangler tells all   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Astronomy educator Vivian White is helping coordinate volunteer photographers to capture imagery of this summer’s complete solar eclipse. We chatted with Vivian ahead of this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.   (続きを読む)
Getting ready for Europe’s new data protection rules   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Google is committed to complying with the GDPR across all of the services that we provide in Europe. That includes our most popular consumer products like Search and Gmail, all our advertising and measurement services like AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick and Analytics, our Cloud services as previously announced, as well as, of course, any services we launch in the future.   (続きを読む)
Note to employees from CEO Sundar Pichai   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Read the note to employees from our CEO Sundar Pichai about the memo that was circulated over the past week.   (続きを読む)
Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to traffic   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Beat back to school traffic with Google Maps real-time traffic and more.   (続きを読む)
Daydream Labs: Bringing 3D models to life   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
During a one-week hackathon, we prototyped ways to make Blocks scenes feel dynamic and alive. Here’s what we came up with!   (続きを読む)
Seeing is believing in the fight against climate change   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Emerging technologies such as Google Earth Engine are empowering scientists to create solutions at the cutting edge of global sustainability. We spoke with former Vice President Al Gore about the role tech can play in solving the climate crisis.   (続きを読む)
The High Five: A GOAT, a pig and a calf   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Check out what’s trending on Google with a look at a few of the top searches from this week.   (続きを読む)
Your Back-to-School Assistant   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
It's almost time to go back to school. Here’s how your Assistant can help you get back into the school days groove.   (続きを読む)
Partnering with Italy’s leaders for safer, smarter web use   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
In order to help Italians make the most of the tools and safeguards for their information and content online, including Google tools like ContentID and My Account, we've launched a series of workshops across the country.   (続きを読む)
#teampixel always gets the shot   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
This week’s photos from Pixel photographers are up, down, and all around.   (続きを読む)
Save that thought: How Instrument uses Jamboard to capture and share ideas   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We all brainstorm differently. As Avi Couillard, a Senior Strategist at the digital agency Instrument, puts it: “Some people need to noodle on an idea, some need to converse with their team about it, and some need to visit it on their own terms.” For agencies like Instrument, inspiration can strike at any place and time.?Instrument’s creative team has been using Jamboard for 10 months as a part...   (続きを読む)
Around the Globe - Fundación Todo Mejora supports LGBT youth   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
highlighting nonprofit Fundación Todo Mejora who were able to make greater impact with fewer resources by using free Google tools, made available through Google for Nonprofits.   (続きを読む)
Plan your next adventure with the new Google Earth for iOS app   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Google Earth’s got your back this travel season with a brand new iOS app. Download it today from the iTunes App Store, and plan your next adventure.   (続きを読む)
10 ways we’re making Classroom and Forms easier for teachers this school year   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Today we’re excited to announce 10 updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms designed to make teachers’ lives easier this school year.   (続きを読む)
New badges to help you discover and take action on Image Search   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
To help make Image Search even more useful, we’re adding relevant badges to images that indicate what else you can discover with a single tap.   (続きを読む)
Gboard for iPhone adds drawing, Maps and YouTube   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Now in Gboard, you’ll be able to draw and share your keyboard artwork and have access to both Maps and YouTube, making it easier than ever to share location and video content with a single tap.   (続きを読む)
Your Cheesy Assistant   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
This is nacho average weekend: both National Lasagna Day and National Cheesecake Day are here to fill the Swiss cheese-sized holes in your weekend plans.If you don’t know how to celebrate these aged-old traditions, don’t be bleu. Your Assistant can serve up some cheesy tips: In queso you forget: "Ok Google, order lasagna noodles."Don't make me do it prov-alone: “Ok Google, let’s make lasagna”?S...   (続きを読む)
The High Five: drive-thru and carry on   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Check out what’s trending on Google with a look at a few of the top searches from this week.   (続きを読む)
Confronting racial injustice 100 years after the Silent Parade   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
A hundred years after the Silent Parade, today’s Doodle and a new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum remind us that the fight for racial justice in the United States continues.   (続きを読む)
A Significant Step Toward Modernizing Our Surveillance Laws   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Last month, our General Counsel Kent Walker delivered a speech calling for a fundamental realignment of government access statutes in light of the growing role that technology plays in our daily lives, the expectation that communications should remain private, and the very real security threats that governments need to investigate.In conjunction with the speech, we proposed a new framework orie...   (続きを読む)
#teampixel casts a spell with light and shadows   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
This week's #teampixel photos play with light, shadow and reflections.   (続きを読む)
Get literary with Talks at Google   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Talks at Google is a global series that brings speakers to Google, and this month we share a list of talks by influential authors.   (続きを読む)
Making the internet work better for everyone in Africa   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Updates to make YouTube, Search and Maps better for users in Nigeria, plus support for digital skills training, education and economic opportunity, and African startups and developers.   (続きを読む)
The Dynamic Learning Project: helping deliver on the promise of tech in the classroom   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
When it comes to schools, bridging the “digital divide” means more than providing access. While that gap isn’t yet closed, there’s another emerging equity imbalance that goes beyond computers or connectivity. This “second-level digital divide” is fueled by major differences in how effectively that technology is being used for teaching and learning. And it’s especially pronounced in low-income s...   (続きを読む)
Introducing an original VR video series by MLB and Daydream   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We’ve partnered with Major League Baseball for “On the Verge,” an original VR video series that provides an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of young MLB stars around the game.   (続きを読む)
Working with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research on digital skills in Italy   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
A new initiative to bring increased digital skills training to Italian schools in an effort to ensure students are prepared for the workplaces of the future.   (続きを読む)
Celebrate El Clasico on Google Search   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Now on mobile, when fans search for El Clasico (the hotly contested game between Real Madrid and Barcelona) on Google, you’ll see detailed information about the highly anticipated soccer match.   (続きを読む)
How Android and Pixel are changing the way musicians create   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Behind the scenes with the band Parisi, who performed at Google I/O ‘17 using just four Pixel phones and modular musical instruments called ROLI BLOCKS.   (続きを読む)
Hands-free help for new parents   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Even when your hands are full with baby and bottles, you can ask your Assistant on Google Home to get answers and learn more.   (続きを読む)
Google named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
For multiple years now, Google Drive has been focused on the needs of large enterprises, because they have the most exciting and impactful problems we can solve. Enterprises are drowning in files, and there’s an immense opportunity to harness that information. Those files represent a company’s collective knowledge?every strategic plan, brainstorming note and financial plan?and with Drive, we’re...   (続きを読む)
Waze for Android Auto is here   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
The power of the Waze Community?the world’s largest driving community?is available for Android Auto today.   (続きを読む)
Making the future work for everyone   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Google.org’s $50 million initiative to help people prepare for the changing nature of work will fund nonprofits who are using technology to improve work quality, job matching, skill building, and more.   (続きを読む)
Android Pay says “hola” to Spain   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Android Pay ? a digital wallet for Android smartphones ? is available in Spain, helping you pay for things and earn loyalty points quickly and conveniently when you are on-the-go.   (続きを読む)
Trusted Contacts now on iOS   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
iOS users have a new way to feel safe and give friends and family peace of mind. Plus we’re bringing some updates to Android.   (続きを読む)
On your mark, get set, refer!   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Introducing Project Fi’s first ever Fi Referral Challenge.   (続きを読む)
How AI can help make safer baby food (and other products)   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Whether you’re growing cucumbers or building your own robot arm, machine learning can help. Takeshi Ogino of Kewpie tells us how they used ML to ensure the quality and safety of the ingredients that go into their food products.   (続きを読む)
Helping journalists experiment with 360 content   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Storyspheres helps journalists, documentary makers and educators to tell powerful stories if they don’t have access to video.   (続きを読む)
Helping people in a crisis   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We’re introducing SOS Alerts in Google Search and Maps to help people affected by crises around the world.   (続きを読む)
G4NP Around the Globe - Zooming in on Action Against Hunger   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Highlighting nonprofit Action Against Hunger who was able to make greater impact with fewer resources by using Google’s suite of tools, made available through Google for Nonprofits.   (続きを読む)
Experience Tunisia’s rich culture with Street View Imagery   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
We are announcing the launch of SV Special Collect in Tunisia. Our hero is the beautiful El Djem amphitheatre in the heart of Tunisia, captured in a promo video.   (続きを読む)
Chatting with the National Spelling Bee champ on her success and what’s next   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
National Spelling Bee champion Ananya Vinay visited the Googleplex for a tour of campus. The Keyword team had the opportunity to ask her a few questions.   (続きを読む)
The High Five: Live every week like you’ll discover a dinosaur fossil   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Check out what’s trending on Google with a look at a few of the top searches from this week.   (続きを読む)
Your swimming-with-the-sharks Assistant   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Grab your Assistant and let’s sink our teeth into summer?or at least learn some fun shark facts.   (続きを読む)
Around the world with #teampixel   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
See the sights with this week’s #teampixel photos.   (続きを読む)
Daydream Labs: Teaching Skills in VR   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
VR has a lot of potential for teaching new skills. Here's what we learned from an experiment teaching people to make coffee in VR.   (続きを読む)
How we’re partnering with Citrix to deliver cloud-based desktop apps   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Today, we’re announcing a collaboration with Citrix to help deliver desktop applications running in a cloud-hosted environment.   (続きを読む)
Applications now open for the Google Policy Fellowship in Europe and Africa   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Google policy fellowship programs launching in Europe and Africa   (続きを読む)
Welcome to Outer Space View   [翻訳]
Google Official Blog (英語) (1/81)
Today, you can take your own Street View tour of the International Space Station, a place that few of us have had the fortune to set foot?or float?on.   (続きを読む)

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  • 「SEO記事フィルタ:オン(既定値)」の場合、「SEO」「SEM」「検索エンジン」「Yahoo!」「Google」等と関係が深いと推定される記事を選択して一覧します。 ただし、検索エンジン各社のオフィシャルブログは無条件に全記事を一覧します。
  • 「人気記事フィルタ:オン」の場合、当サイトの人気記事(閲覧数による評価)を選択して一覧します。

  • 一覧中のタイトルのクリックで記事ページを表示します。
  • 一覧中のサイト名のクリックでサイトの記事一覧を表示します。

  • 表示対象にしているサイトは [対象ブログ一覧] に示します。


SEO記事リミックスへの掲載を希望されないブログ(サイト)オーナー様は、お手数ですが お問い合わせ でご連絡ください。 お手数をおかけしましたことをお詫びすると同時に、掲載対象から外させていただきます。




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  • 当サイトはamazon.co.jpを宣伝しリンクすることによってサイトが紹介料を獲得できるアフィリエイト宣伝プログラムであるAmazonアソシエイト・プログラムの参加者です。
  • 当サイトはGoogleが提供している広告を表示することで紹介料を獲得できるアフィリエイト宣伝プログラムであるGoogleアフィリエイト・サービス(Google Adsense)の参加者です。

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